Reservations: ( 855 ) 63 765 927
Phum Wat Bo, Sala Kamreuk Commune,
Siem Reap, Cambodia.



Charity Cooking Class

We create Charity Cooking class, but why is it created? The advantages are:

  1. Social support. All revenue from activity will be backed this program
  2. To exchange culture of culinary between yours and ours

The cooking can be arranged onsite or at a local family leaded by our local chef and enjoy the dishes following the class. The class included a short visit to local Kar Kranh family to understand the cooking norm and ingredients.

After the course, Bunwin Residence makes sure they will have job opportunities with paid salary and be able to continue their university degree. The school focuses on youth of Kar Kranh and Spean Chheay Villages.

Classes are daily run at 10:00 and 16:00, and take 2.5 hours each class. The minimum of each class is two person and at USD18.00 each. Advance reservation is essential and can be made at reception desk.

Kar Kranh Village Tour

Kar Kranh Village is a village located close to Siem Reap City but it consists plenty of culture and traditional cultivation where Bunwin Residence is also located. Besides exploring the heritage land of Siem Reap, visit Cambodia village is the quintessence of your experience.

Tour ranges from 2 hours to haft day. Tour is easily arranged and can be made in advance or upon arrival.

Cycling Tour

It is an added onto tour to Angkor Complex. Cycling tour is daily organized by our reception desk at the hotel where you are staying.

Or, contact us for details at or phone 855 12 860 075. The friendly team is always at your service.